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The Australian Catholic Youth Festival is seeking all singers and songwriters out there to share their talents in the form of submissions for the official theme song of ACYF.

Do you have what it takes or do you know someone who could compose the lyrics for the official song to be professionally recorded and sung by more than 15,000 young people this December?

This exciting opportunity is open to all ages, however the song must appeal to young people by engaging them in a way that touches their hearts and minds. The song must reflect the joyful and exciting atmosphere of the Festival. As an agent of evangelisation, the song should draw young people to Jesus and the Church.

Submissions are sought in the Official Song Competition (Competition) for a song to be selected as the theme song for the Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2017 (Festival).


See all entry details below:
To participate in the Competition, you must complete an Entry Application Form and agree to the Competition Conditions of Entry (which can be found on the Entry Application Form). 

The Competition closes at 5pm on 26 May 2017.

For more information please send us an email:

Competition Criteria
Selection of the winning song will be based on the following criteria (Criteria):

The song should reflect the Festival theme: Open new horizons for spreading joy: young people, faith and discerning vocations.

The song should reflect the wider theological understanding of this theme.

Musical StyleACYF Song Competition Poster sm
* The musical style and the lyrics must be dynamic and appeal to young people.
* The song, through the words and music, must engage young people in such a way that their hearts and minds are touched.
* The song must be able to be sung by the whole assembly, both male and female, so the melodic range and choice of key is crucial.
* The song must reflect the joyful and exciting atmosphere of a festival gathering.
* The song should be an agent of evangelisation, drawing young people to Jesus and the Church.
* The song should be written in verse/chorus form.

Liturgical Use
* The Festival theme song must be appropriate for use in liturgy (both Eucharistic and other rituals) and may contain alternative verse/s so that it can used in a number of different situations.
* The composer will submit a brief explanation of where the song may be used in liturgy.
* The text must be in conformity with Catholic doctrine – drawn chiefly from holy scripture and from liturgical sources

* The song must use corporate rather than personal language i.e.“We, us, our” not “I, me, my”.
* The song must use gender inclusive language.
* The language should be accessible to and touch the hearts of young people.
* Since it is an expression of prayer, its contents should necessarily be addressing God rather than addressing us, unless the words come straight from scriptures, eg Psalms. All care must be taken to avoid speaking from God’s perspective, thereby putting words into God’s mouth

Call for Submissions- Includes Competition Overview
Entry Form - includes Terms and Conditions
Poster for Advertising 


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