ACYF Page Hero Event Details

Know what’s going on
The Festival App will be your best guide to the ACYF. Download the App and make sure you enable notifications. In the event of important communication and news at the Festival, we’ll be updating the App to keep you up to date. In the event that there is a major change to a scheduled event at the Festival, be sure to be the first to know by having the App on your smartphone.

Participants are encouraged to travel light - don’t bring more than you need as there is no storage or cloaking available at the Festival
Bags will be checked upon entry into Qudos Bank Arena - please check the list of prohibited items before setting off to the Festival. Refer
The exception will be that Festival Water Bottles will be allowed into the arena.

We recommend that you prepare for wet weather by bringing a raincoat or poncho with you if the weather looks poor. Umbrellas will not be permitted inside Qudos Bank Arena. No storage will be available for umbrellas at Sydney Showgrounds or the Domain.
The program on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning at Sydney Olympic Park will largely be unaffected by weather. If the weather is poor a decision will be made closer to the date as to whether the Pilgrimage and the Mass/Concert at the Domain will proceed as planned. Download the Festival App to be sure to keep up to date with the latest information.
Be prepared that while days can be hot, the nights can be cool. Consider bringing a light jumper or similar before you set out for the day if the forecast is for a cool night.

Water bottles will be provided to Festival participants, with water filling stations at 13 locations around Sydney Showgrounds and 10 locations around The Domain. There are no water filling stations available at Qudos Bank Arena or along the Pilgrimage Routes. Pilgrims are encouraged to fill their water bottles at Sydney Olympic Park prior to going to Qudos Bank Arena or departing on the Pilgrimages.

First Aid
First Aid will be available at Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney Olympic Park precinct, Sydney Showgrounds, the Pilgrimage Routes (at Milsons Point and near Dawes Point at the southern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge), and also at The Domain. First Aid services are provided by St John Ambulance. Security personnel at the Festival are also First Aid trained and available to assist if required.

Sun Protection
Summer in Sydney can be pretty hot so we recommend you Slip, Slop, Slap. Participants are encouraged to protect themselves by wearing appropriate clothing, hats and sunscreen. Keep in mind that your selected Pilgrimage may involve a walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a couple of hours of sun exposure. So be sure to stay cool and protect your skin from the sun.

Drugs and Alcohol
No drugs or alcohol is permitted at any of the Festival sites. Prescription drugs (prescribed by your doctor) are of course permitted. Please be aware of the Festival Code of Conduct that all participants have signed as a condition of registration.

Food and Drinks
Food and drink vendors will be at the Festival offering a wide range of lunch, dinner and snack options. If you prefer you are welcome to bring your own food but please note that refrigerated storage is not available. We recommend if you intend to BYO food, please pack it in a cooler pack that you can carry with you during the day.
Pre-existing Medical Conditions
We recommend that participants who have pre-existing medical conditions alert their Group Coordinator before arriving at the Festival. We may need to contact your Group Coordinator in the event that you require First Aid at the Festival.

When taking part in the Pilgrimages, participants are asked to carefully follow all instructions from Security, Traffic Controllers, Festival Volunteer and Officials to keep you safe. Some of the Pilgrimage Routes will involve walking across the pedestrian footway on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Participants are asked to walk no more than two (2) abreast and to keep to the left-hand side of the pathway. Other members of the public will be walking the bridge at the same time and we ask that are patient and courteous.