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Festival organisers are dedicated to ensuring the safety of participants by only allowing those within the age group of the Festival to attend in conjunction with supervising adults and partnering organisations.

Registrations are expected to OPEN at the end of April!


For more information on who can attend please see here.
The final costs of the Festival will be confirmed in early 2017. Estimated prices for planning purposes are below.

 Group  Geographical Diocese
 Early Bird
 Group A

Archdiocese of Sydney; Diocese of Broken Bay,
Diocese of Parramatta, Diocese of Wollongong.

 Est $250*
 Est $280*
 Group B

 Archdiocese of Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra Goulburn,
Melbourne; Diocese of Armidale, Bathurst, Lismore,
Maitland-Newcastle, Wagga Wagga.

Est $220* 

 Est $250*

 Group C

 Archdiocese of Perth, Hobart; Diocese of Ballarat,
Broome, Bunbury, Cairns, Darwin, Geraldton, Port Pirie,
Rockhampton, Sale, Sandhurst, Toowoomba, Townsville,
Wilcannia Forbes.

 Est $190*

Est $220* 

N.B. National diocese (e.g. Maronite, Chaldean, Military, etc), religious orders, groups and communities must identify and register attendees according to their geographical locations.
*TBC April 2017


Registrations include:
    •    Attendance of Festival, access to venues and experiences, including all plenaries, workshops, concerts and the encounter expo.
    •    Registration and identification pass
    •    Refillable water bottle
Additional inclusions such as public transport are anticipated and will be confirmed in early 2017

Registration does not include:
    •    Meals – food will be available to purchase on site and or attendees can choose to bring their own food on site.

Final details will be confirmed in April 2017
All registrations for the Festival will be online via the Festival website.

The Australian Catholic Youth Festival offers a simple registration process which enables participants to purchase a ticket to the event. It is also designed for the collection of basic participant information as a way of seeking to ensure the safety and supervision of young people who attend.

Registration Categories

Registrations take place using the following categories:


A “Group Coordinator” manages the registration for the whole group. They are responsible for the management of group requirements and supervision as stated in the Festival Terms and Conditions. In order to register as a Group
Coordinator you will be required to have the appropriate working with children/vulnerable people check for your state/territory. A group can consist of the following:
    •    One Group Coordinator (aged 18+)
    •    Adult Leaders (as required – aged 18+)
    •    Participants (year 9-30 years)


Participants over the age of 18 who do not wish to attend with a group can register as an individual. Please note that those under the age of 18 cannot register as individuals and must participate with, and be supervised by a Group Coordinators.

The following categories of individuals are available:
    •    Youth (18-30 years only)
    •    Priests, Seminarians and Religious

Expo Stallholder 

For adults attending to promote their ministry, religious order or organisation can apply to be part of the expo, more information is available here.

Expo Coordinators and staff will be provided with registration links upon their approval.

Guests, presenters, performers, media and volunteers 

Those who take part in the Festival in the above roles will be managed and registered by the Festival Operations Team to ensure suitability and will be provided registration links upon their approval from the Festival Steering Committee.