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The Festival Steering Committee understands that events can make a significant impact, but further reflection and support are required around the event. That is why a series of preparation and post event reflection resource will be provided.

 Formation Sessions - Part One
This resource has been designed to be used by ACYF Formation Part 1 web final Page 01groups preparing to attend the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Sydney in December 2017. It provides a valuable starting point to breaking open the theme of the Festival ‘Open new horizons of spreading joy: Young people, faith and vocational discernment.’

This resource contains three pre-Festival formation modules, designed to be approximately 60-minute sessions. Each session can be customised for your group, lengthening prayer, reflection and discussion time as needed. 

A final post-Festival formation session will follow in November.

Tailoring Sessions
Each module contains a variety of types of activities and experiences. Whilst each module has been designed as a complete session, aspects could be omitted and/or additional activities added to meet the needs of your individual group and time available. It is also possible to use individual activities within the modules so that you can tailor the preparation for your group, as needed.

Australian Catholic Youth Festival Prayer

Loving God,
You call us to embrace the joy born of your Son Jesus,
May it well up in our hearts, and be lived through acts of mercy.

Help us resolve to trade in comfort, aspire to greatness,
And follow the path of the Cross as a courageous generation.
Inspire us to build upon the culture, tradition and beauty of the Church;
Nourish us as we dare to blaze trails that open new horizons.

Send us forth to be instruments of change and hope
In this great land of the Holy Spirit.
Like Mary, may we discern your call with faith and love:
Responding with great joy in our hearts.

In union with Jesus, our Saviour and friend,
We pray to be filled with your Holy Spirit
That we may be your witnesses
Through the Australian Catholic Youth Festival.


St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Pray for us.
Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Pray for us.