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The well being of young people is at the centre and is paramount to the preparations and organisation of the Festival. The festival will provide risk assessments of the venues and activities planned for the festival. This will support but not replace the need for your own comprehensive assessment requirements.

Please find below an overview of Risk Assessment information.

Download detailed documents here:
ACYF Risk and Safety Excursion Information for Schools
ACYF School Excursion Risk Assessment 
Australian Catholic Youth Festival School Excursion – Risk Assessment Information

This information letter outlines key safety aspects of the venues that will be used for the event – Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF). The purpose of this document is to provide schools with the information they need to prepare their own excursion risk assessment.

ACYF will be held at two major multi-purpose venues (Qudos Bank Arena and Sydney Showgrounds). In addition, The Domain will be used for the closing concert and Mass. For detailed information on the event please visit the ACYF website or the website for the respective venue. Each venue has information relating to access, transport and answers frequently asked questions.

Conduct & Duty of Care
All visitors to the ACYF venues (including school students) have a duty of care to take reasonable care of their own health and safety, take reasonable care that they do not adversely affect the health and safety of others, and to comply with any reasonable instructions relating to safety. Behaviour, noise, dress standards, language, respect and cleanliness should be maintained to the highest standard by all school students.

School Bags & Backpacks
All schools are advised that school bags and backpacks will be subjected to bag searches at some ACYF venues. This aligns with the new security requirements at venues.

Work, Health & Safety (WHS)
ACYF acknowledges its legal requirements as defined in the Work, Health & Safety Act 2011 & WHS Regulations 2017. To comply with the law and ensure a safe workplace is maintained for all workers, visitors and others, a robust WHS Management Plan has been developed which includes, amongst other things, procedures for managing risk, safety, emergencies, medical incidents and other.

ACYF Work Health and Safety Policy
All schools attending the event are asked to carefully read the ACYF 2017 WHS Policy as it outlines the responsibilities of all visitors to the event.

Emergency Management Plans
ACYF has in place Crisis and Emergency Management Plans (CEMP) that sit across all venues and sites (including the Domain and the Pilgrimages).The CEMP’s are comprehensive documents that align with existing Venue Emergency Plans, and it includes procedures for responding to incidents and emergencies. All venue staff have been trained in emergency evacuations.

Security Management Plans
All venues (including the Domain and the Pilgrimages) have strict security arrangements in place and a comprehensive overarching Security Management Plan. Experienced, licensed security guards will manage security at each location. The NSW Police Force may be present at the Domain.

First Aid
All venues on ACYF will have medical management procedures in place. This includes the provision of trained first aid staff, treatment rooms, medical equipment and procedures for Medical Incident Management. Medical supplies include AED, O2 and EpiPen.

Fire Safety
The indoor venues have fully compliant fire detection and suppression systems which include an Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS). In the event of an emergency, all persons within the venues will be instructed to evacuate to the designated evacuation point.

ACYF Staff and Venue Personnel
ACYF is a collaboration, bringing together experienced staff, volunteer managers and experts to deliver a safe and successful event. Venue staff are experienced in all aspects of event and venue management and regularly host large-scale concerts and events including the Royal Easter Show. Consultants working with ACYF have delivered Olympic & Paralympic Games.

Venue Access
All venues can be easily accessed by foot and cater for mobility needs, with the exception of the Pilgrimages to North Sydney and Milson’s Point.

ACYF is being delivered by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) and being hosted by the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney. Public liability insurance is in place.

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