ACYF19 Song

Listen to The Spirit

‘Listen to The Spirit’ by Fr Rob Galea is the official theme song for ACYF 2019.

The words of the theme song, ‘Listen to The Spirit’ were written to build upon and help break open the spiritual focus and theme of the Festival, “Listen to what the Spirit is saying”. Use it with your group to help you prepare spiritually for your ACYF19 experience. You will hear this song a number of times at the Festival, so it’s a good idea to learn it so that you can join in singing it in prayer and celebration with thousands of other young Australians.





The Lyrics

Listen to The Spirit

words and lyrics by Fr Rob Galea, Gary Pinto and Bradley Pinto © 2019.

Lead us to the desert
Where we can hear You speak
Here within the silence
Where redemption meets defeat

Can you hear all the angels and the saints
Hallelujah together we will sing

Open up your heart
Open up your soul
Open up your ears
Listen to The Spirit speaking  x2

Do you see Him in the broken
In the outcast and the lost
The homeless and the hungry
Do you see Him on the cross


Can you hear the earth tremble
Can you see the oceans roar
Can you feel the Spirit moving

Speak Lord




Hosting Partners

Festival Director: Mr Malcolm Hart

Festival Coordinator: Mrs Renee Bennett