Code of Conduct

By registering for ACYF19 attendees agree to abide by and proactively engage in the ACYF Code of Conducts. These are outlined below.


As Pilgrims at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival, we will work together to create a welcoming, safe and responsive environment. While at the festival, we want to feel respected, safe, included and supported. In order to feel this way consistently we will listen to and look out for each other, acknowledge others and their feelings, be courteous at all times, ask questions and not make assumptions.

When we are not feeling this way, we will seek help from our Group Leaders or directly with ACYF staff. When others are not feeling this way, we will not be a bystander and offer help or seek help for them. We will handle conflict by being proactive and not reactive with each other, giving and receiving constructive feedback, and regulating our emotions.  

We follow the example of Jesus in promoting respectful, safe, inclusive and supportive behaviour. We do this by modelling kindness, courtesy and positivity including greeting one another, keeping a sense of humour and above all, maintaining healthy respectful relationships with each other. We are all committed to uphold these standards.


Hosting Partners

Festival Director: Mr Malcolm Hart

Festival Coordinator: Mrs Renee Bennett