An Invitation to the Justice Activity Centre

Exhibitors are invited to submit an expression of interest to participate in the Justice Activity Centre at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (Festival)

What is the Justice Activity Centre?

My friends, Jesus is the Lord of risk, of the eternal “more”. Jesus is not the Lord of comfort, security and ease. Following Jesus demands a good dose of courage, a readiness to trade in the sofa for a pair of walking shoes and to set out on new and uncharted paths. To blaze trails that open up new horizons capable of spreading joy, the joy that is born of God’s love and wells up in your hearts with every act of mercy. To take the path of the “craziness” of our God, who teaches us to encounter him in the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the sick, the friend in trouble, the prisoner, the refugee and the migrant, and our neighbours who feel abandoned. Pope Francis

Inspired by the words above by Pope Francis, the Justice Activity Centre is a place of education, empowerment, mission and service, located alongside the Encounter Expo.

The centre will contain a range of interactive experiences and activities facilitated by various organisations and groups that encourage young people to engage with justice issues and people impacted by injustice.

The Justice Activity Centre will be an area within the Encounter Expo Hall at the Festival for justice-based activities and presenters. Activities will be scheduled in this area for the duration of the Festival.

Activities will be large scale, interactive and highly engaging. To enable activities and creative presentations, we will provide:

  1. Tables and chairs for 60+ Festival participants along with a microphone and screen for Exhibitors to provide information and instructions for their particular activity. Examples include: simulation games, art, craft, letter writing, Christmas-based projects, drama workshops, skill workshops.


This invitation has been extended to a select group of Exhibitors that are justice-based organisations in order to provide deeper engagement opportunities for young people in answering the challenge of Pope Francis.

What are the requirements to conduct an activity in the Justice Activity Centre?

  1. Be approved as an Exhibitor (which includes agreeing to the Exhibitor Terms and Conditions);
  2. Complete the Justice Activity Centre expression of interest form by filling in the Application Form and uploading it below;
  3. Provide an Activity Facilitator to implement and conduct the activity;
  4. Liaise with the Chair of the Festival Encounter Committee;
  5. Provide all materials required to carry out your approved activity;
  6. Facilitate your approved activity at the scheduled time; All proposed activities should:
    • Be relational
    • Be designed to appropriately engage young people
    • Be simple and easy for individuals to engage in
    • Be quantifiable (So we can share the good news i.e. 1000 wrote letters to their local MP….) Reflect the teaching of the Catholic Church
    • Avoid alignment with a particular political party

Venue & Opening Hours

The Justice Activity Centre will be inside the Encounter Expo Hall which is part of The Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre, where the Festival Expo will be held.

Opening Hours:

Sunday 8 December 11.30am – 5pm
Monday 9 December 11.30am – 5pm
Tuesday 10 December 9.30am – 3:30pm

The scheduling of activities will be allocated based on groups and organisations proposal, variety of activity and material requirements.

Information regarding access and delivery details will be made available to successful Exhibitor applicants.


Hosting Partners

Festival Director: Mr Malcolm Hart

Festival Coordinator: Mrs Renee Bennett