Group Registration is now open for ACYF19 Perth, 8-10 Perth 2019. Please review the registration Preparations Steps before logging on to set up your group.

U18 Pilgrim Group

Young Adult Pilgrim Group

Individuals, Clergy & Religious registration links will be online in the coming weeks.

Exhibitor submissions will be opening in the coming weeks.

Volunteer applications can be submitted here. N.B. Only Western Australia’s can apply to be a volunteer at ACYF19.

Bishops, presenters, performers and guests will be sent private links.

Quick Reference Documentation List

Group Registration documentation includes: (see Preparation Steps for further details on each document)


Before you register for ACYF19 ensure you have all the correct information and have reviewed Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) before you begin. If you are registering a group you can download the groups registration spreadsheet, T&C’s and codes of conducts below to provide to your pilgrims to ensure they are aware and agree with registration requirements.

Registration Type:


Group registration is the easiest way to register for ACYF. To Register as a group, simply:

  • Register as a Group Coordinator (GC).
    GC’s have supervision and care responsibilities for all in their group and are the key point of contact for their group. The GC must attend the ACYF with their group.
  • GC’s can then registration their group via a spreadsheet or induvial invitations:
    • Spreadsheet: Download a Group Registration spreadsheet. GC’s must fill in the group ID, list leaders and participant names, before uploading. GC’s are also required to collect and supply required documentation.
    • Invitations: From within the Online Registration system you can email invitations to group member to join your group.
  • Group Registrations must be completed by 12 September 2019, or penalties may be incurred.

Payments can be made by individuals or as a group.


Individuals aged between 18-30 years can register form ACYF by completing the online registration form.

Clergy and Religious

The ACYF encourages and welcomes the participation of clergy and religious. Clergy and Religious includes: bishops, priests, monsignors, deacons, seminarians, religious brothers or sisters, or any ordained persons.

Clergy and religious can registers as individuals or as part of any group or expo. All clergy and religious must identify themselves in the online registration and supply the required documentation (e.g. ACMR ID, declarations, etc) for approval by Festival organisers and the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth. (See Terms and Conditions).

Expo Holder

Expo Holders must express interest and make a submission to be present at the ACYF. Submissions are reviewed and approved by the ACYF Steering Committee.

If approved, a registration link will be provided.

An Expo Holder prospectus will be available in early 2019.

Registration categories will include:

  • Group with Under 18’s
  • Group over 18’s only
  • Individual (over 18’s only.
  • Volunteer (Expression of Interest)
  • Expo Holder (Expression of Interest)


Hosting Partners

Festival Director: Mr Malcolm Hart

Festival Coordinator: Mrs Renee Bennett